Premature ejaculation led to the loss of erotic love

Even the handsome can’t be spared

Raging with hormones, the youngster took his girlfriend to a hotel. Touching each other excitedly, the slowly removed all their clothes. The boy’s penis was expectantly erect, and the girl was ready for her first fantastic trip to heaven. Just when the girl was tense with anticipation, he penetrated her. With only a few quick thrusts, the youngster shivered with ejaculation and shouted, “I’m coming!” Their first attempt at sex ended in less than thirty seconds.

This scene is probably uncomfortably familiar to many people. Evan was no exception. Despite being tall, wealthy, and handsome, he suffered from premature ejaculation. Because of that, he lost his first love… This is the story of the world’s first erotic inspirational novel, the first book of “The Sensual Journey of seven graduates” series.

From suffering from premature ejaculation to becoming a sex guru, Evan’s story will inspire numerous readers. The discussions on sex are much deeper and more intensive than most erotic fictions on the market, including “The Fifty Shades of Gray.”

The story starts from Evan and Penny’s first sex during a graduation trip—

On the first night in the hotel, Penny shared a room with her friend, and Evan stayed in his own room.

After showering, Evan sat on the sofa in his shorts and turned on the TV. Browsing through the channels, he saw one channel that was playing porn. Curious, he started watching it.

In the other room, Penny had just finished showering and was sharing with her friend the pictures she’d taken on her phone. After a while, the friend went to take a shower. Penny pulled a thin sweater over her pajamas and went to Evan’s room to check on him.

Evan was horny from watching the naked couple having intercourse. Just when he had become erect, Penny pushed open the unlocked door and went right in.

The door was only three steps away from the sofa. Penny almost bumped into Evan when she stepped in. Evan was already aroused. Seeing Penny, he stood up, held her in his arms, and kissed her—the first time he had kissed a girl.

Penny had never been away from home, nor had she spent a night outside her house. This was an extremely exciting and romantic experience for her. When Evan held her, she was not shy at all—quite the opposite. She responded passionately. She French-kissed Evan and took off her sweater to better feel Evan’s bare, strong biceps. She felt more than ready to lose her virginity tonight!

Penny’s personality was open and forward. This irresistible excitement was something she enjoyed. She seduced Evan by kissing him passionately and rubbing against him.

She wore only silky pajamas and did not have any underwear on. The adrenaline-driven Evan could no longer resist; his penis was erect in great excitement.

Evan’s penis was rubbing against Penny and driving her wild, and the moaning sounds from the TV stimulated their sensuality. Penny could not wait another second!

Penny took the lead. She grabbed Evan’s pants and pulled them down. Evan’s penis jumped out in lust. Evan, in turn, removed Penny’s pajamas.

Now they were both naked and kissing passionately. Losing their senses, they threw themselves into bed.

Evan lied on top of Penny, his rock-hard penis against her pussy. He looked at her with pleading eyes. “You’re so beautiful—I can’t resist you. May I enter?”

“Mm-hmm,” Penny muttered. Most of her friends were no longer virgins. It was considered a laughing matter if a girl remained a virgin. She did not want to miss the opportunity to finally gain her first experience.

“I’ll enter slowly. Let me know if it hurts too much!” Evan slowly positioned his butt, and with a thrust, he penetrated Penny’s pussy.

Biting her lip, Penny was both excited and scared. She knew this day would come. Although it might hurt to have her cherry popped, it was something she had to endure.

Just when the pain was too much to bear and she let out a cry, Evan ejaculated. Penny had felt almost nothing but pain; the whole thing had ended in less than thirty seconds… (To be continued)

Like Evan, many men also suffer from the issue of premature ejaculation. The Sensual Journey of the Seven Graduates, a sex fiction written by a retired businessman and his international friends, has a central theme of sexual exploration, sexual enlightenment, sex education, and marriage counseling, combining with plots that weave together family, love, pleasure, conflict, sexual encounter, entrepreneurship, business strategy, online marketing, bioeconomy, traveling, and agronomic technology, aiding with intellectual and humorous contents, this book serves to inspire readers to rediscover sex.

This novel discusses sex and covers all the topics related to sex, including impotence, premature ejaculation, masturbation, foreplay, erotic massage, flirting, adult videos, one-night stand, cheating, extramarital affairs, sex mates, fuck buddies, closed group marriages, swingers, orgies, gangbangs, group sex, sex parties, sex during traveling, et cetera. It is never seen before. All other erotic fictions, sex stories, erotic romance novels, and softcore pornography novels cannot compare. It is the worlds’ first fiction that explores sex in the form of a novel. If you’re tired of the world’s top ten adult websites such as xvideos, xnxx, pornhub, jerkmate, bongacams, stripchat, chaturbate, spankbang, onlyfans, etc, this novel is your best choice.

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